E-mail: nauca@unn.ru
Tel: +7 831 462-30-03
Office: 23 Prospekt Gagarina (Gagarin Avenue) BLDG 2, Nizhny Novgorod, 603950

Scientific Leader of UNN

Education: University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN), Russia, Faculty of Physics (1968-1973)

Degrees and Titles: PhD (Candidate of Sciences in Physics & Mathematics) (1979), Doctor of Sciences in Physics & Mathematics (1991), Professor in Experimental Physics (1992)

Professional Experience. At UNN: Assistant Professor of Crystallography Department (1981-1983), Senior Lecturer (1983-1985), Associate Professor (1985-1989), Chair (1989 - ~) of Experimental Physics Department, Dean of the Faculty of Physics (1994-2006), Vice-Rector for Scientific Research (2006 - 2008), Rector (2008-2019), Scientific Leader (2019~)

Scientific Activities: Over 310 publications on mathematical crystallography, crystal symmetry and X-ray structural analysis, including 1 monograph, 5 textbooks, inventions, patents.

Main Publications.

Chuprunov E.V., Grebnev I.V., Maslennikova Yu.V., Faddeev M.A. Differentiation of teaching physics in the system of continuing education “school – university” (Nizhni Novgorod University Press, 2005) 185 pp. (in Russian)

Text-Books and Tutorials:

Chuprunov E.V., Khokhlov A.F., Faddeev M.A. Fundamentals of Crystallography (Moscow: Izd. Fiziko-Matematicheskoi Literatury, 2004) 496 pp. (in Russian)

Сrystallography: A laboratory practicum. Edited by Chuprunov E.V. (Moscow: Izd. Fiziko-Matematicheskoi Literatury, 2005) 412 pp. (in Russian)

Chuprunov E.Vp., Portnov V.N. (Moscow: Izd. Fiziko-Matematicheskoi Literatury, 2006) 313 pp. (in Russian)

Memberships: International Union of Crystallography

Awards: Order Badge of Honour (1976), Nizhni Novgorod City Prize in Higher Education (2002)

Foreign Languages: English.