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Summary of the project to create and develop the StrAU


1. The aim of creating/developing the StrAU

The main purpose of StrAU MTBE is to form at UNN a world-class research and education system to ensure the training in the field of development, production, study and industrial application of new materials and technologies for medicine. The global challenge that the StrAU MTBE addresses is human health and longevity.


2. Description of the main activity areas of the StrAU and the plans for its establishment/development

2.1. Main activity areas of the StrAU: training world-class experts in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Science and, in particular, in medical materials science; interdisciplinary basic and applied research in physics, chemistry and mechanics of materials for biomedicine; development of new technologies for producing materials and products for biomedicine.

2.2. The plan for the establishment/development of the StrAU The training of experts in the field of biomedical engineering will be based on the use of the unique competences of physicists, chemists and mechanical engineers specializing in the field of new materials.

The StrAU is created on the basis of the University’s Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, and research institutes of the University: Research Institute of Mechanics and Physico-Technical Research Institute (PTRI). The core of the StrAU is made up of the laboratories of the Department of Metal Physics at PTRI UNN, which is the leader in the design and development of new materials for medical applications. The main innovative and technological potential of the StrAU is concentrated in these laboratories. Around this core, a new research and educational space is formed on the basis of the existing three departments of the Faculty of Physics and three departments of the Faculty of Chemistry. These departments, within the classical areas of studies "Physics", "Chemistry" and "Biophysics", develop new educational programs and carry out gradual reorientation towards the creation of the integral area of studies "Materials Science" aimed primarily at research and development of new biomedical materials and technologies.


3. The main objectives of the StrAU

In the context of the global educational and research agenda, the most important tasks of the StrAU are: 

- To develop and implement new educational programs and areas of studies for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering, physics, chemical and physical materials science in order to improve the competitiveness of the University’s graduates and to attract international students.

- To set up in the Russian Federation a major international multidisciplinary center that provides a full cycle from design to manufacture of new materials and products for medical applications. This center should provide the basis for fundamental and practical training in materials science, new production technologies, information technologies, physics, chemistry and biomechanics with a specialization in the field of biomedical engineering and assistive technologies.

- To develop and implement a number of promising technologies of the sixth technological stage that provide a new level of technological support in solving problems of medical orthopedics, rehabilitation, biomedical engineering.

- To design, develop and produce new materials and products for biomedicine with the use of the methods of layer-by-layer laser synthesis, intense plastic deformation and spark plasma sintering.


4. Brief description of the StrAU’s role and its contribution to the development of the University and the achievement of the goals, objectives and target indicators of the Program for enhancement of UNN competitiveness among the leading research and educational centers and of the approved "Roadmap" for 2016-2017

One of the important and promising objectives of the University is to create and develop a new research and innovation complex and to organize training on the basis of the Center for innovative development of medical instrument engineering (a total area of 25 thousand square meters) to be commissioned in 2016. The Center has been set up in the framework of the Federal Target Program “Pharma 2020”. The goals of the StrAU that correspond to relevant targets of the new Center are focused on the development and production of medical materials and products. The StrAU can become one of the base units of the new Center, which significantly enhances its development potential and makes UNN more attractive for talented Russian and international prospective students.

The activities of the StrAU MTBE will contribute to a significant increase in UNN's performance indicators and will create a basis for the advanced development of UNN as a whole. By the year 2020, the following values of target indicators will be achieved in the StrAU MTBE: The number of publications in the Web of Science per one faculty member of the StrAU - 6.21; Average citation index per one faculty member of the StrAU calculated on the basis of the total number of publications indexed by the Web of Science - 8.58; Number of publications in Scopus per one faculty member of the StrAU - 8.42; Average citation index per one faculty member of the StrAU calculated on the basis of the total number of publications indexed by Scopus - 12.62; Percentage of international faculty in the StrAU’s team including Russian citizens with PhDs from foreign universities - 5 %; Percentage of international students enrolled in higher education degree programs provided by the StrAU (including CIS students) - 6,02 %; Average Unified State Examination (USE) grade for students enrolled in full-time federal funded Bachelor and Specialist-level programs delivered by the StrAU - 86.71; Maintaining during the period from 2018 to 2020 the percentage of the StrAU’s income from non-budgetary (non-government) sources at 50 %.


5. The main expected results of the Project, new opportunities and benefits for the University offered by the StrAU development

- training highly qualified experts in the interdisciplinary area of Materials Science who will be competitive in the global labor market; establishing and equipping a world-class interdisciplinary education and innovation center in the field of Materials Science. The center will consist of a number of laboratories employing leading domestic and foreign scientists - leaders in the fields of chemistry, physics, biomechanics, materials science;

- organization of technological laboratories for solving relevant problems in the development of materials, products, software and hardware systems for biomedical applications based on the latest achievements in the fields of chemistry, physics, mechanics and materials science.



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