Documents required to apply in Lobachevsky University

1. Passport requirements
You must possess a Passport valid for travel to Russia, which contains at least two blank pages, and valid up to minimum 18 months before its expiration.

2. Photo requirements
You must have 12 printed copies of passport-sized photographs. These are required for your Student and Dormitory Cards, and other documents upon your arrival in Russia.

3. Student Contract requirements
You are required to have your Student Contract signed and sent it back to the University Admissions Team. By doing this, you confirm that you have accepted the University offer to study and understand and accept terms and conditions. It is important that you send back the signed Contract at your earliest convenience.

4. Tuition fees payment requirements.
It is a University requirement that you pay tuition fees as stated in your Student Contact. Please note the University can apply for your Student Letter of Invitation only after the full payment has been received.

5. Educational documents requirements
All foreign documents should pass through an official process of recognition.
You have two options:
1) Go through the procedure of recognition at Lobachevsky University (for free).
— Preliminary approval of educational background.
After registration and applying for a chosen program, your documents will be review and you will be informed about the exact list of documents needed for personal submisson.
— Personal submission
Upon arrival to Nizhny Novgorod, you should submit your educational documents. They must be translated (by a certified translator) into Russian, notarized and authenticated (apostilled) if it’s needed in accordance to the Preliminary approval of educational background.
More information about apostile
You may also have your documents translated and authenticated (apostilled) upon arrival in Nizhny Novgorod.
2) Get the Certificate of recognition and proof of equivalence of a foreign document of education at the Main State Center for Education Evaluation (Glavekspertcentr) which provides the authority of Rosobrnadzor on recognition of the foreign educational certificates.

6. Medical testing requirements.
The University requires mandatory medical examination results (including HIV testing and TB testing). You can get tested upon your arrival in Russia in accordance with your medical insurance. Dormitory residence permission is granted only upon medical examination.

7. Student Letter of Invitation & Student visa requirements.
To apply for your Student visa you must have a Student Letter of Invitation issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)
More information about invitation process

8. Health Insurance requirements.
Russian Law requires that all international citizens get health Insurance for the duration of their stay in Russia. You may purchase your health insurance in your home country or from AlfaStrakhovanie insurance company upon your arrival in Russia.
More information about insurance

Essential things you need to do/know before you travel

Let us know your arrival date
Once you know your arrival date in Nizhny Novgorod, you should inform the International Students Office so that we can make necessary arrangements.

Confirm Your Place of Accommodation before you arrive
Before you arrive double check with the International Students Office that a place in the University Accommodation has been reserved for you in correspondence with your arrival

Book your flight as a single itinerary
When planning your flight travel route, it is important that you also book your connection flight to Nizhny Novgorod as part of a single itinerary

Your transfer to the University
Once you arrive in Nizhny Novgorod, you should make your way directly to the University. We recommend you get yourself familiarized with the public transport route from your arrival point to the University in advance. If you choose not to use public transport, transfer service can be arranged. Please use this Arrival Information Form
If necessary, you can reach any destination by taxi: Uber (iOS app; Android app) & Yandex.Taxi (iOS app; Android app)

Set up your budget
Before you travel, you should budget your money to better understand your expense planning. This should also include your sources of income and how you can access your funds.

Change your money into Rubles
You should change your currency into Rubles before or upon your arrival in Russia. All international airports have currency exchange services. Before you arrive, check with your local bank if your credit/debit card works in Russia. All major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express – are accepted in Russia. Calculate your initial expenses – e.g. accommodation, health insurance, your student visa extension - and plan that into your immediate budget.

Please, check the Application Checklist and Campus Map to know, what you need to do upon your arrival in Nizhny Novgorod.