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01 February

Cosmology. How to see the expansion of the Universe

Sergey Popov's lecture "Cosmology. How to see the expansion of the Universe."

1 February | 17:00 | UNN Science Park

It is not easy to imagine the expansion of the Universe. Moreover, in order to do it, you need to understand several important concepts! At the lecture, we will start with the basics. Let's look at the distances and horizons in cosmology, discuss how one can determine velocities when talking about the cosmological movement of galaxies, and why there are several options. Let's see why faster-than-light velocities in cosmology don't scare anyone. And most importantly, let's look at how we can see the dynamics of the Universe's expansion.

Sergey Popov is an astrophysicist, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Leading Researcher of theSternberg Astronomical Institute at the Moscow State University, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Admission is free. Please register at lobachevskylab.timepad.ru/event/12388471238847