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30 May

International Research Conference “Innovative Economy: Global and Regional Trends”

On May 30-June 1, 2019, the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship of National Research Lobachevsky State University will hold International Research Conference “Innovative Economy: Global and Regional Trends” . This year the conference it is dedicated to the 60 Anniversary of Higher Education in Economics in Lobachevsky University and Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Lobachevsky University regularly holds international research conferences, which have already become traditional. The conference will include a scientific discussion on management, innovative development and digitalization of the economy in modern economic conditions.

We offer a problem-oriented list of sections, where each issue will be discussed on the basis of an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, we assume that each section will bring together representatives of different scientific fields who will present their views on the problem under discussion.

There will be 3 sections devoted to the most important issues of the modern economy and designed to unite representatives of different scientific areas for the exchange of views and practical experience:


Current trends in the management of organizations
Government and business: interaction and strategic development
Development and prospects of the financial sector

Research Paper Requirements

Typescript Requirements:

MS Word,
Page Settings – A-4
12 point font
Times New Roman
All margins are 2,0 cм
One and half line spacing
Test justification to the width
Paragraph is 1.25 cm for all text
The volume of a paper is not less than 20,000 characters and not more than 30,000 characters
References are given in square brackets (for example [1], [1–5; 9]). Numbering of the references is in accordance with its appearance in the paper.

Structure of a paper:

Title is in bold type (center text alignment)
Name is in bold type (center text alignment)
University in bold type (center text alignment)
Abstract is not more than 50 words, one line spacing
Key words: not more than 10, one line spacing
Body of the paper
List of the references starts from a new page