The Institute of Neuroscience is a vibrant research centre committed to studying the brain from molecules to behaviour. The staff at our labs operate unique equipment to undertake experimental research using the methods of fluorescence laser scanning microscopy, electrophysiology and optogenetics. Experiments are carried out both in isolated tissues (cell cultures and slices) and in the whole brain.

Innovative and future-focused, our research covers:

  • - optical neuroimaging
  • - cellular and network electrophysiology (patch-clamp recordings, registration of multisite field potentials in slices and cellular cultures)
  • - the mechanisms of synaptic and extra-synaptic signal transmission in the brain
  • - synaptic plasticity
  • - cellular mechanisms in cognitive functions
  • - modelling information processing functions in neuron-glial brain circuits
  • - development of neuromimetic information processing systems (neuroanimats).

It is a great honour for the Institute of Neuroscience to hold international conferences and collaborate with the leading universities of the world: University College London (UK), the University of Manchester (UK), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), Charit? – Universit?tsmedizin (Germany) and others.

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