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Larisa Chernomorskaya


The Institute of Doctoral Studies is a structural division of the University of Nizhni Novgorod. The principal goal of the Institute's activities is to improve the conditions and quality of training for doctoral and postgraduate students, to enhance the methodological, information and analytical support for the development of post-university professional education.

The Institute's main objectives:
- To develop organizational, financial, economic, social and working conditions for the best possible utilization of the University's scientific, innovative and methodological potential in the training of research and teaching staff of the highest qualification;

- To develop and introduce new methods and forms of training for the staff of the highest qualification in priority areas of science and engineering on the basis of modern educational technologies.

- To develop programs aimed at preserving and developing the intellectual potential of higher education, to attract young people to the spheres of science and scientific innovation.

- To develop inter-branch and international cooperation in the sphere of post-university professional education.

- To conduct basic and applied research in the field of science-of-science disciplines (scientometrics, sociology of science, transfer of technologies, statistics of research and teaching staff, etc.); to develop the principles and methods for diagnostics of the quality of research staff training, to organize the monitoring of postgraduate programs, to plan and forecast the training of staff of the highest qualification.