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Bachelor’s degree program in Advertising and Public Relations, 3rd year

Koray Ozbek, Turkey

Master’s degree program in Information Technology, graduate

Mohamed Hussein Abdinoor Abdi, Kenya

Master’s degree program in Management, 2nd year

Hou Yilong, China

Master’s degree program in Chemistry, 2nd year

Alahmad Ali, Syria

Summer School, Team Supervisor from Sichuan University

Yu Xueqi, China

Specialist’s program in Journalism, graduate

Ekaterina Kulesa, Latvia

Philology, semester abroad program

Koki Tanaka, Japan

Semester abroad and summer school

Sonia Pandis Navarro, Spain

Russian Language Program

Rachael Rosenberg, USA

Russian Language Program

Peter Oster, USA

Russian Language Program

Andrew Linder, USA

Russian Language Program

Ian Rohr, USA

Master’s degree program in International Relations, graduate

Ganzorig Byambatsogt, Mongolia

Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations, 2nd year

Camila Velasquez Guzman, Bolivia

Summer School

Qiang Liu, China

Summer School

Muchen Shen, China

Summer School

Jiayi Wang, China

Sociology, postgraduate studies

Nawar Ibraheem, Syria

Information Technology, 4th year, English medium

Peter Basumbuko Mwizere, Swaziland

Bachelor in Information Technology, 2 year

Khatri Ramesh Kumar, Nepal