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International students live in a comfortable dormitory, which is situated on the UNN campus in immediate neighbourhood of the city centre. International students live in 3-bedded rooms, equipped with the necessary furniture and bedding. All rooms in the student dormitory have Internet access points. Lavatories, washrooms and kitchens are located on each floor. There are also classrooms on each floor of the student dormitory. There is also a student canteen, grocery stores, banks and a sport complex nearby. Round-the-clock security is provided for maximum safety of the students. Standard accommodation costs around 3 220 RUB per month. Please, note, that the dormitory should be pre-paid for a semester.




International students take an active part in the life of the University: together with Russian students they perform in concerts, organize students’ parties, participate in contests, festivals and sport events, they are represented in the Student Council of the University.
All this gives international students a great opportunity to make friends all around the world, to learn the cultural peculiarities of a new country, provides them with the skills necessary for their future professional career in the globalizing world.
International Students actively participate in the activities of the International Students Club of Nizhni Novgorod, which also cooperates with various organizations and governing bodies in the framework of international students support programmes.

The Student Council of International Students encourages international students’ self-actualization. Its main task is to raise the social role of international students and their activity in the educational, scientific and social life of the University.

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