Mission Statement of Lobachevsky University 

Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1916 as the People's University and is currently one of the best classical universities in Russia. Lobachevsky University sets the foundation for the development of the system of higher education and fundamental science in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The university has paved the way for  many new areas of research and research training. The University's research and teaching schools are internationally recognised. Their development  determines the high quality of educational activities of Lobachevsky University as a national research university. The University has always strived to offer effective scientific and educational responses to the new demands of the times. UNN has established large research institutes to concentrate research efforts on breakthrough areas. It has a long tradition of multidimensional interaction with industry. The University works consistently to create additional sources of support for its activities. The university is the center for the integration of the educational, scientific and cultural life in the region. The life of Lobachevsky University is distinguished by a high degree of democracy.

Lobachevsky University sees its mission in preserving and strengthening its role as one of the leading institutions of Russian higher education in the following areas:


  1. Training of highly qualified professionals capable of making an effective contribution to Russia's progressive development;
  2. Development of fundamental and applied science as the basis for high quality education and new knowledge and technologies to effectively address the social and economic problems of modern society, the development of a university culture of knowledge and technology transfer;
  3. Development of Russian education and participation in the activities of Russia’s higher education institutions to form an integrated European higher education system;
  4. Impact on the socio-economic and spiritual development of the region and the Volga Federal District.

To achieve the goals as stated, Lobachevsky University is pursuing the following objectives:

in the field of educational activities:

  • Provides research-based training of qualified professionals, using a modern management and monitoring system that guarantees a high quality of education;
  • Introduces new areas of training for personnel support of the needs of society, develops elite and mass training programs for specialists; introduces new areas of training to meet the needs of society and develops elite and mass training programs;
  • Realizes the functions of a center for the development and testing of new educational standards, programs and teaching methods;
  • Provides for the needs of the individual, society and the state in a wide range of main and additional educational programs implemented in the forms sought by students, creates conditions for lifelong learning;
  • Fosters students' need for a continuous updating of knowledge, their leadership qualities, contributes to their formation as highly cultured, socially active and harmoniously developed individuals; 

in the field of scientific activities:

  • Conducts interdisciplinary basic and applied research that determines the overall potential of the university and constitutes the basis of high quality education;
  • Creates conditions for expanding and strengthening scientific and pedagogical schools of the University to enhance the involvement of talented young people in research and educational activities;
  • Provides training for highly qualified scientific personnel through magistracy, postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • Carries out expert and analytical activities in the field of science and education;
  • Strengthens cooperation with institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and sectoral institutes, establishes and develops educational and research centers;
  • Expands the infrastructure for innovative development enabling  an efficient transfer of knowledge-intensive technologies and the creation of competitive products;

in the field of regional development:

  • Contributes to the social, economic and cultural development of the country, district and region;
  • Cooperates with federal and regional authorities;
  • Supports the formation of high-tech sectors in the Volga Federal District’s and the Nizhny Novgorod region's economy by enhancing the transfer of knowledge-intensive technologies and integration with the global high-tech industry, facilitating the attraction of external  investments to the region;
  • Contributes to fostering social stability, an atmosphere of mutual understanding, tolerance, mutual spiritual and cultural enrichment in the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional Volga Federal District and in the Nizhny Novgorod region;

To achieve the above objectives, Lobachevsky University:

  • Develops its own structure and improves the management system by dynamically organising its core activities and integrating with other educational and scientific institutions;
  • Expands the system of additional funding sources;
  • Develops the infrastructure for educational and research activities;
  • Creates an information environment for developing a high information culture in the university community and beyond.