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Strategic project



Ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment and creating technologies for preemptive response to  climate and anthropogenic challenges is a major research objective of national development.


  • To develop new technologies and human capacity for responding in a timely and effective manner to rapid, including catastrophic, environmental changes under conditions of a changing climate and accumulating anthropogenic impacts.


  • Ionosphere and magnetosphere monitoring, reliable radio communication channels. Environmental monitoring of hydrosphere and atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring and modelling, "carbon profile" of the region. Monitoring of the urban environment’s biotic component.
  • Separation, utilisation and safe containment of chemical industry wastes. Forecasting of rapid-onset hazards (thunderstorms, storms, hail). Climate and pollution dispersion models.



 Intelligent systems for assessing urban ecology and for urban environmental design

New climate models for improving the accuracy (1 to 4 km) and lead-time (10 minutes to one hour) of regional weather forecasts

GIS system - a "digital image" of the Volga-Oka basin for detecting and monitoring the spread of pollution, predicting fast-onset natural hazards

"Carbon profile" of the Nizhny Novgorod region and verified methods for calculating the "carbon footprint" for at least 50% of Russia’s territory

Technologies for the separation, utilisation and safe containment of chemical industry wastes to eliminate large pollution sites in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Exploration and use of near-Earth and outer space (SURA multifunctional geophysical facility).

Consortium participants

 Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Voyeikov Main Geophysical Observatory

Papanin Institute of Inland Waters Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences



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