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Strategic project


Unlocking the creativity of the individual, exploring its underlying basis and building a new creative society capable of providing cutting-edge discoveries in Russian science is a priority of national  importance.


 To form an ecosystem for unlocking human creativity and talent in a digital society.

  • To turn UNN into a leading scientific and methodological centre for creativity research, for designing and implementing creativity development methodology.


 Basic research: a comprehensive study of the causes and conditions of creativity manifestation.

  • Experiment: studying creative groups in the process of generation of  new ideas.
  • Innovation: testing the project products at UNN and in the network of partner organisations.


 A model of creative capacity development, creativity management strategies and mechanisms

Distributed centre for multidisciplinary research on creativity

Advanced training programmes for creative leaders

UNN Special Science and Education Centre as a model for a new first cycle of higher education

New areas for training creative professionals in arts, art projects and creative economy,  with the eventual establishment of a Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

 A methodology for maximising creativity through the motivating campus aesthetics

Dissemination of scientific achievements and educational technologies in foreign countries. Enhancing foreign language skills

Consortium participants

Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Voronezh State University

Yaroslavl State University