Strategic project


Increasing life expectancy in the Russian Federation, improving quality of life and extending working life.


  • Developing a comprehensive scientific and practical approach to producing a healthy generation, ensuring an active and comfortable longevity.


  • Research into the mechanisms of longevity and age-related changes, as well as age-associated diseases (oncological, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative).
  • Studying psychological, psychophysiological, social and cultural aspects of longevity.
  • Developing a set of measures to prolong and restore the social, physical and labour activity of the population.


Increase in average life expectancy and quality of life, extension of working life by 5-8 years

 HEALTH PROFILE. Includes markers of early ageing and disease, personalised advice. A register of risk groups

Coverage of 100% of the primary care sample by 2025

Coverage by 2030 of 80% of those requiring medical attention

Rehabilitation methods for age-related diseases, vocational training programmes for post-employment population

New systems for monitoring cardiovascular diseases. Introduction of the Cyberheart system

Establishment of the Institute for the Study of Aging

Consortium participants

Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Federal Scientific and Research Centre for Physico-Chemical Medicine, FMBA

Blokhin National Medical Research Centre for Oncology

Samara State Medical University