The Programme "Russian-Italian University"

The University of Calabria

Founded in 1972

A total enrolment of 36000 students 

Bachelor degree students (the 4th course) studying "Economics", "Management", "Applied Mathematics and Computer science", "Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling" participate in the programme. It is necessary to study Italian language for 1 year at UNN to participate in the programme. Fourth year Bachelor degree students go to Italy and are enrolled at the faculty related to their field of science at Calabria University. The course of study lasts for 1 year. On completion of the programme the students pass exams in Italy and return to UNN to complete their training.

The graduates of the programme get two Bachelor degree diplomas Russian and Italian. Second year Master degree students studying "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science", "Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling" may also take part in this programme. The duration of the programme at Calabria University is 1 year. On completion of the programme the students get two Master degree diplomas at UNN and at the University of Calabria.

Contact person: coordinator of the programme Vladimir A. (Alexandrovich) Grishagin   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.