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Advanced Russian Language Programme

Course content

Subjects ECTS
Conversation V (RLL 409) 3
Contemporary Russian Literature (RLL 413) 3
Introduction to Russian Civilization (RLL 219) 3
Advanced Russian I (RLL 301) 3
Russian Society and Culture I (RLL 305) 3
Russian Morphology (RLL 407) 3
19th century Russian Literature (RLL 313) 3
Lexicology (RLL 217) 3
Translation (Eng/Rus) (RLL 311) 3
Contemporary Russian Language (optional) 3
Total: 30

Duration & Tuition fees

September 15 – December 31, 50 000 RUB

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.


August 1

Entry requirements

1. Your international passport must be valid during 18 months or more after the date of arrival.

2. A candidate must be physically and mentally healthy and have no medical contraindications to study in Russia.

How to apply

a) Apply for Admission ONLINE. If you have problems apply for admission via the PDF download.

 Application Form (Russian Language Courses).pdf

b) Submit a copy of your international passport (all fulfilled pages);

c) Submit a medical certificate which confirms no contra-indications for study abroad and tuberculosis & HIV test. The certificate should be issued not earlier than 3 months before the application date.