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Russian Language for Beginners is a program for all those who wish to study Russian language. In our classes, we will provide you with materials to learn and speak Russian sounds, words and phrases. You will also learn how to read and write in Russian, as well as to build and understand simple texts. Students will also be taught how to speak about themselves and their families in order to support conversation in everyday situations such as in a shop, bank or pharmacy e.g.

Upon reaching the elementary level of Russian as a foreign language the program introduces a module of professional Russian language. Students choose from the following areas of the module of the professional Russian language:
- Humanitarian
- Economics
- Natural science
- Engineering and technical
- Medical and biology
Thus, the students themselves choose the orientation of the module taking into account their professional preferences.
The module of the professional Russian language allows students to get acquainted with the special vocabulary and grammar typical for the language of a certain specialty.

The aim of the course is to constantly improve the level of a student’s linguistic skills in Russian Language with materials distributed facilitated to promote creative thinking and individual learning, which from over 25 years of experience in teaching Russian Language to International students, has proven to provide the best results in expanded vocabulary for students of this course. 

At the end of the course, all students are invited to be examined for the Russian government’s certificate I level of Russian language (Intermediate) under the system TORFL, which is the Russian Language equivalent of IELTS in comparison to the English Language system.

Duration & Tuition fees

1 year course (from September till June) – 100 000 RUB
Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.


1 year course (if started in the fall semester) – August 1st.

Entry requirements

1. Valid International Passport (the passport should be valid for at least 18 months upon your arrival date in Russia)

2. Applicant must be physically and mentally fit to undertake the programme.

How to apply

a) Apply for Admission ONLINE.

b) Submit a copy of your international passport (all fulfilled pages);

c) Submit a medical certificate which confirms no contra-indications for study abroad and tuberculosis & HIV test. The certificate should be issued not earlier than 3 months before the application date.