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Course aims

Lobachevsky University offers preparatory courses to international students who wish to enter UNN and attend the degree programmes in Russian. Pre-University Preparatory Programme provides preparation for the University's entrance examinations.

Course content

During the course students study the Russian language as well as the basics of the main subjects corresponding to the selected field of study which are necessary to enter the chosen degree programme.

International students study in one of the five offered fields – Natural Sciences, Humanities, Economics, Engineering and Biomedicine. The main subjects of these fields are the Russian language and the Professional Russian (in the field of your choice). In addition to that the curriculum includes the basic subjects of specialization for each field of study.

Natural Sciences: Russian Language, Professional Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Humanities: Russian Language, Professional Russian, Literature, History, Social science

Economics: Russian Language, Professional Russian, Social science, Mathematics, History

Engineering: Russian Language, Professional Russian, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics

Biomedicine: Russian Language, Professional Russian, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry

Students will be assessed at the start of the course and organised into classes according to their level of Russian. All classes will be organized in groups.

Duration & Tuition fees

- 1 year course (from September 2019 till June 2020) – 125 000 RUB (the fee is subject to change)

- 1,5 year course (from February 2019 till June 2020) – 155 000 RUB

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

Application Deadlines

- 1,5 year course (if started in the spring semester) – January 30, 2019

- 1 year course (if started in the fall semester) – August 1, 2019

Entry requirements

1. Your international passport must be valid during 18 months or more after the date of arrival.

2. A candidate must be physically and mentally healthy and have no medical contraindications to study in Russia. 

How to apply

a) Apply for Admission ONLINE. If you have problems, please ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the PDF form.

b) Submit a copy of your international passport (all fulfilled pages)

c) Submit scanned copies of your original school/university certificate(s) and transcript(s) (only if you're planning to continue your studies after the preparatory course)

d) Submit scanned copies ofyour health certificate (incl. TB test).