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Such programmes are organised throughout a year and include courses of the Russian language and culture of various duration with the content tailored to the needs of a particular student, or a group of students.

Russian language courses are very popular with international students coming to Russia. UNN has vast experience of teaching Russian to foreigners.

From the early 1990s, Russian language courses for international students have been running at the University at the Faculty of Philology. Over the years, we had students from such countries as the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, South Korea and China.

Russian language programmes are tailored to individual requirements of our students and to their level (beginners, intermediate or advanced). Course durations may vary from one month to a full academic year depending on the needs of individual students. Russian language classes for advanced-level students may be supplemented by lecture courses in Russian literature, etc.

International students with sufficient knowledge of Russian can study at UNN on individual study programmes in the areas of their choice. It may be a semester (or a year) abroad arrangement.