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Summer School "Russia goes global : International Relations Trends & Challenges"

What is Russia’s place in a changing world? A new "evil empire" or a resurgent superpower?

Welcome to the UNN Summer School «Russia Goes Global: International Relations Trends & Challenges» to gain new insights



We offer a variety of interesting topics for discussion:

- the history of Russian foreign policy and the “Russian idea”;

- strengths and weaknesses of Russian diplomacy;

- regional aspects (USA, EU, CIS, Middle East, APR, Latin America, Africa) of Russia's foreign policy in a multipolar world;

- protection of national interests in the climate of instability, pressure and sanctions - from military-political confrontation to "soft power".


    Our exclusive program features:

-  the most pressing topics of world politics and international relations viewed from the Russian perspective;

- lectures taught by prominent scientists, politicians, diplomats and government representatives;

- business games, debates, BRICS model;

- visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, authorities;

- an exciting cultural and excursion program, acquaintance with the Russian language, history and culture.




July, 6 – July, 24, 2020



45 000 rubles (585 euro)*:
- Course of study (6 ECTS)
- Training materials
- Excursion program

*Payment is effected in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation



May 21, 2020




You will receive a certificate indicating the number of credits (ECTS) at the end of the course.

See you this summer!

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