This section aims to highlight all of the different transport options in Moscow to help you get from A to B whilst you transfer between transport connections. The Moscow transport system is one of the worlds vastest and busiest systems with some 16 million people using it every day.

Bus and Trolley Buses

Every major street in the city is served by at least one bus route. Buses are frequent and are normally of the mini-bus type. They often connect local suburbs with the nearest Metro link. To get on a bus you must wave it down by sticking out your hand, signaling the bus to stop. The cost for one bus journey on the system is 40 rubles, which is payable to the bus driver upon your entry to the bus. For full bus route and timetable information please click here . Alternatively for full bus route information you can find the correct bus route you need by entering your location and your destination on the website 2GIS.

The Moscow Metro System:

As of 2014, the Moscow Metro has 195 stations and its route length is 325.4 km (202.2 mi). The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 74 meters (243 ft) at the Park Pobedy station. The Moscow Metro is the world's fourth most heavily used (by annual ridership in 2013) and the fourth largest rapid transit system outside of Asia with a daily ridership of seven million passengers rising on weekdays to over nine million.

All Metro journeys in Moscow cost 40 Rubles. The tickets of which can be brought via any machine or cashier in any of the city’s Metro stations. The machines operate in both English and Russian. It is also possible to buy multiple journey cards, which give a small discount for multiple journeys on the Metro, from one of these machines.) Every station has a detailed map outside the ticket desk and signs directing users to the correct line and exit into the city. For more information about the Moscow Metro system, please click here.


Moscow has an extensive tram system, which opened in 1899. The newest line was built in 1984. The trams provide important cross-links between metro lines. A single fair costs 30 rubles. For more tram information, please visit the Mosgortrans website.