Located 42KM South-East of Moscow, Moscow Domodedovo International Airport is Russia’s biggest airport in terms of passenger and cargo numbers. In 2013, 30,760,000 passengers went through the airport on their travels to Russia and beyond. This section aims to highlights all of the possible travel options available to passengers wishing to get to Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow Domodedovo.

Flights to Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow Domodedovo

The cheapest direct flights from Moscow Domodedovo (DME) to Nizhny Novgorod Airport Strigino (GOJ) start from 3,640 rubles (including airport taxes) when booking in advanced using S7 Airlines. It is possible to purchase tickets at the airport although costs are depending upon the flight charter on available flights. To find the booking desks you must turn left, after exiting baggage collection and arrivals, into the main terminal building. There you will find check-in and ticket desks for S7 airlines or Ural Airlines that operate at Domodedovo. To buy a ticket you must go to the desk of one of the above mentioned airlines and state that you would like to buy a ticket to Nizhny Novgorod where they will book you onto the next available flight. You must also present your passport and your migration card (the white slip you receive when going through border control.) You must also provide payment in either cash in the local currency or card. For airport map information please click here.
There is one daily scheduled S7 flight in the morning and one during the evening. The scheduled flights from Moscow Domodedovo last for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

When waiting to board your flight to access the departures lounge you must go through all of the normal security procedures again that you take when catching flights. Your check in gate will depend upon the information printed in your ticket, likewise with your boarding gate. If you need any help in finding directions or have any questions please contact the airports 24 hour information service upon +7 (495) 933-66-66.

Aeroexpress from Domodedovo to Paveletsky Rail Terminal

If you wish not to travel to Nizhny Novgorod by plane you will need to go to the centre of Moscow to catch other modes of connecting transport. This is most easily done by using the fast shuttle train service Aeroexpress which connect the centre of Moscow with all 3 of its main airports.

Getting to the Aeroexpress terminal at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.
When you come out of arrivals turn left and walk to the end of the airport terminal building. When you get to the end of the terminal building turn left and walk down the terminal corridor past the toilets, where you will see Aeroexpress ticketing machines. There you can buy tickets for the Aeroexpress using cash, in the local currency, or card. You may also buy Aeroexpress tickets online via the Aeroexpress website or the Aeroexpress Smartphone App (Android, iPhone/iPad,Windows Phone) before you arrive in Russia. The price of a ticket costs 400 rubles if brought at the station or if brought online the cost is 340 rubles.

Once you have brought your ticket follow the Aeroexpress signs to the rail terminal. Aeroexpress trains make trips to Moscow daily from 06:00 a.m. until 01:00 a.m., according to the timetable, including weekends and holidays. Travel time is 45 minutes. Trains run without stopping.

When you arrive outside you should see a platform separated by electronic barriers. To access the platform you should swipe your ticket on the pad and walk through to the platform. Trains departing to Moscow Paveletsky Train Terminal are situated on the left hand side. Once arriving at Paveletsky Train Terminal you should walk towards the terminal building and exit into the main train station.

Trains from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod

The fastest train from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod costs between 598 roubles and 2000 rubles depending upon how far in advance you book it and operates every day from Moscow Kursky Train Station. This service takes 4 hours or less to get to Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow. Other rail services include longer compartment services which may include a bed in the price of your ticket which is convenient for overnight travel. You may buy a ticket online a maximum of 45 days before your departure date. To do this you must set up an online account with RZD stating all the necessary traveler information including your passport details under the category foreign documents, which is compulsory for all Russian travel. Once you have purchased your ticket you need to register electronically and obtain your boarding pass in electronic form (for trains which offer the e-registration service) or obtain your boarding pass on a ticket form at a ticket office or at a self-service terminal on the territory of Russian Federation. You can find more information about electronic registration here .

You may find timetable, pricing information and the online purchase store on the RZD website by clicking here .

It is also possible to buy a train ticket from a machine terminal at any train station in Russia using your card, or by cash from a cashier’s desk within any train station in Russia. For all of these ticketing options you must have your passport. Your ticket will have printed all of the necessary information including your wagon number and seat number. It will also have the journey details such as the date and time of your departure, your arrival time and the departing and arrival stations. You should make sure all the information on your ticket is correct before your departure. You must also sit in the place you have been allocated. All trains have on board toilets and food facilities in the form of a trolley service. On most routes, a restaurant car is attached to the train. All restaurant cars serve complete meals or snacks, as well as drinks.

Metro Station Directions to a Train Stations from Aeroexpress terminals

Kursky Train Station
Domodedovo- Paveletskaya Metro Station (Aeroexpress Terminal) - Kurskaya Metro Station (Metro Brown Line)

Yaroslavsky Train Station
Domodedovo – Paveletskaya Metro Station (Aeroexpress Terminal) – Komsomolskaya Metro Station (Metro Brown Line)

Buses from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod

Departure Point: Moscow Central Bus Station, Schelkovskoe Schosse, 75
Arrival Point: The Moscow Train Station (Nizhny Novgorod), Ploshad Revolutsey, 7а, Nizhny Novgorod
Departure Times: 07:30, 09:00, 12:10, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 21:50, 22:00 local time (GMT+4)
Duration: 7-8 hours
Cost: 900 rubles (1 suitcase 84 rubles)
Journey Stops: 3 or 4 toilet stops at motorway services.

Getting to the Moscow Central Bus Station
To get to Nizhny Novgorod via bus you should make your way to the Metro station Sholkovskaya , which is the last station on the Blue Line. Once you get out of the Metro Train and onto the platform you need to turn right and go up the steps following the signs “Вход в город” (“Entry to the City”). Once you have passed through the exit barriers continue walking straight until you get to the exit to the metro station. At this point you must turn right and walk up the stairs until you get outside. Immediately on your right hand side you will see the Government bus station “Avtovokzal”.
Aeroexpress Routes - Metro Sholkovskaya
Domodedovo- Paveletskaya Metro Station (Aeroexpress Terminal) - Kurskaya Metro Station (Metro Brown Line) - Sholkovskaya Metro Station (Blue Line)
Buying a Bus Ticket and Boarding Information
Inside the bus station you will find buses departing to all major Russian cities and towns. It will also be very busy with an average of 25,000 daily users using this terminal. To buy a ticket to Nizhny Novgorod you must go to one of the cashier desks to the far right of the terminal. To buy a ticket you must state the destination and the time and date of your journey along with your passport and payment. Once you have brought your ticket you must wait inside the terminal building until your bus arrives. Roughly 15 minutes before your departure time you will be allowed access to board your bus when your journey is highlighted green upon the departures board outside the entrance to the platform, which is guarded by security and a conductor. To get past these people you must show you bus ticket along with your passport.