All international students must have a medical insurance policy valid in Russia that covers policy holder for the following Medical Services in Russia:

- Ambulance treatments and Services
- Inpatient treatment and Services
- Emergency treatment and Services
- Repatriation treatment and Services

The minimum coverage shall be USD 30 000 (ca. 25 000 EURO).

Please always check the date of expiry of your medical insurance, because if you get ill and your medical insurance is over, you will need to pay for all medical aid (including emergency aid).

Usually medical insurance does not cover any dental treatment, the treatment of chronicle diseases, physiotherapy e.g. you can find more specific information about these treatments stated within you insurance policy.

*Please Note: In keeping with University & Immigration Regulations, a student without medical insurance will not be able to enroll into the university and to transfer to the next year in the event of expiration of their Medical Insurance.

Where to buy a medical insurance policy

You can buy a new Medical Insurance Policy valid for 1 year. You may also extend the current one that you have in place in different ways:

From the "Alfa Strakhovanie" Insurance Company: The International Students Office will help you in assistance in buying your new policy (23, Gagarin av., building 2, room 306, contact person Elena Kustova, or room 305, contact person Emiliya).

With your medical insurance policy, you can