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Faculty/Institute Qualification Speciality Program Form of studies Tuition Fees (study year 2023-2024) rubles/ per year Entrance tests 
Institute of Biology and Biomedicine Master Degree Biology  06.04.01 Bioinformatics Full-time 220 000 Biology examination
Biodiversity and Bioresources
Microbiology and Virology
Molecular Bology and Immunology
Master Degree Ecology and nature management      05.04.06 Design and Industrial Ecology Full-time 190 000 Ecology and nature management examination
Faculty of Chemistry Master Degree Chemistry 04.04.01 Analytical Chemistry and Ecology  Full-time  180 000 Chemistry examination
Part-time 100 000
Chemistry of coordination compounds Full-time 180 000
Inorganic Chemistry Full-time 180 000
Petrochemistry Full-time 180 000
Chemical engineering for microelectronics Full-time 180 000
Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Full-time 180 000
Physical Chemistry Full-time 180 000
Macromolecular Compounds Chemistry Full-time 180 000
Solid State Chemistry and Radiochemistry Full-time 180 000
Faculty of Radiophysics Master Degree Radiophysics 03.04.03 Acoustics Full-time 180 000 Radiophysics examination
Information Processes and Systems
Quantum Radiophysics and Laser Physics
Nonlinear Oscillations and Waves
Statistical Radiophysics
Physical Electronics
Electromagnetic Waves in Media
Master Degree Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology  02.04.02 Research Automation Full-time 180 000 Information technology examination
Analysis of the Quality of Information Systems
Information Security and Information Protection
Information Theory
Faculty of Physics Master Degree Physics  03.04.02 Physics Teaching Methods Full-time 180 000 Physics examination
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Physics of Engineered Materials: Metals, Alloys and Ceramics
Master Degree Electronics and nanoelectronics 11.04.04 Solid State Electronics and Nanoelectronics Full-time 180 000
Master Degree Information systems and technologies  09.04.02 Information Systems in Scientific Research Full-time 180 000 Information systems and technologies examination
Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics Master Degree Mathematics  01.04.01 Mathematics Full-time 180 000 Mathematics examination
Master Degree Applied Mathematics and Computer Science      01.04.02 Computational Methods and Supercomputer Technologies Full-time 180 000
Mathematical modeling of the dynamics of systems and control processes
Computer Science and Applications
Mathematical modeling of physical and mechanical processes
Data analysis in applied areas
Master Degree Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology  02.04.02 Probabilistic Modeling and Data Analysis Full-time 180 000
Cognitive Systems Full-time 180 000
Master Degree Applied Informatics  09.04.03 Artificial intelligence Full-time 200 000
Probabilistic modeling and data analysis
Master Degree Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling  01.04.03 Information and software. Engineering Full-time 180 000
Master Degree Software Engineering  09.04.04 Digital Transformation Technologies Full-time 190 000
      Master of International Law Full-time 180 000  
Public Administration Lawyer Full-time 180 000
Master of Private Law Full-time 180 000
Master in Criminal Justice Full-time 180 000
Institute of Philology and Journalism Master Degree Journalism 42.04.02 Journalism and Public Relations in the System of Mass Communications Full-time  170 000 Journalism examination
Artificial intelligence in data journalism Full-time 170 000
Master Degree Philology  45.04.01 Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Full-time  160 000 Philology examination
Linguistic forensics Full-time 160 000
Russian Literature Full-time 160 000
Slavic languages ​​and literature in modern media space Extramural 80 000
Linguocriminalistic Full-time 160 000
Faculty of Social Sciences Master Degree Psychology 37.04.01 Cyberpsychology Full-time 180 000 Psychology examination
Information design Full-time 180 000
Psychological counseling Full-time 180 000
Organizational psychology Full-time 180 000
Master Degree Human Resource Management 38.04.03 Human Capital Management of the Organization Full-time 180 000 Human Resource Management examination 
Master Degree Social work  39.04.02 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Organization Design Full-time 170 000 Sociology examination
Master Degree Sociology  39.04.01 Information Design Full-time 180 000
Economic sociology and urban studies Full-time 180 000
Institute of International Relations and World History Master Degree International Relations  41.04.05 World Politics and International Law Full-time 190 000 History and Theory of International Relations examination
Expert and Analytical Support of the Decision-Making Process Full-time 190 000
Master Degree Foreign Regional Studies  41.04.01 Eurasian Studies Full-time 200 000
Islamic Studies Full-time 200 000
Master Degree Political Science 41.04.04 Political Management Full-time 160 000 Political Science examination
Master Degree History      46.04.01 World and Russian history Full-time 150 000 History examination
History and Anthropology of Religions
Master Degree Culturology  51.04.01 Cultural Design and Intercultural Interaction (Cultural Policy, Tourism, Exhibition Activities) Full-time 160 000
Master Degree Advertising and Public Relations 42.04.01 Media Management in Politics and Business Full-time 180 000 Advertising and Public Relations examination
Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship Master Degree Economics  38.04.01 Accounting, Analytical and Auditing Systems in the Digital Economy Full-time 190 000 Economics and Management examination
Economics of Companies and Corporations Full-time 190 000
Information security of economic processes Full-time 190 000
Master Degree Management  38.04.02 Business Development Management Full-time  180 000
Creative Management Full-time  180 000
Master Degree Human Resource Management 38.04.03 Creative Workforce Management Full-time  180 000
Master Degree Business  Informatics  38.04.05 Analysis and Optimization of Business Processes Full-time 190 000
Master Degree Commerce  38.04.06 Marketing in the Digital Economy Full-time  180 000
Master Degree State and Municipal Management 38.04.04 Strategic Planning and Management Full-time  180 000
Master Degree Applied Informatics  09.04.03 Internet Technologies in the Economy Full-time  190 000
Master Degree Finance and Credit        38.04.08 Financial Analytics and Consulting Full-time  180 000
Financial Monitoring Full-time 180 000
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Master Degree Psychology (Master’s Program: Psychology of Sports, Physical Education and a Healthy Lifestyle)  37.04.01 Psychology of Sports, Physical Education and a Healthy Lifestyle Full-time  180 000 Psychology of sports examination
Master Degree Sports       49.04.01 Management and Economics in the Field of Physical Culture and Sports Full-time 195 000 Economics examination
Arzamas branch, Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Master Degree Applied IT 09.04.03 Development and management of projects in the field of information technology Full-time * Applied IT examination