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On November 21,  scientific conference "Problems of Strength, Dynamics and Service Life" was opened at  Lobachevsky University. It is a memorial conference to remember and to celebrate the 80th birth anniversary of Professor  Yuri Korotkikh,  Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

For many years, Professor  Korotkikh worked at the UNN Research Institute of Mechanics where he supervised a wide range of research projects (evaluation of service life of various machines under low-cycle fatigue with non-stationary thermomechanical load and eventual defects,  development and substantiation of methods, technologies and systems for evaluating the remaining service life of machines, etc.). 

Conference participants were welcomed by Professor Leonid Igumnov, Head of the UNN Department of Numerical Modeling of Physical and Mechanical Processes. D.N. Shuvaev, D.A.  Kazakov and I.A. Volkov shared their memories about Prof. Korotkikh. 

In the framework of the conference, two seminars will be held at Lobachevsky University:  "High-speed deformation of materials and structures" and "Stability and oscillations in  mechanical systems". A total of 114 reports will be  presented by conference participants who came to Nizhny Novgorod from 17 cities in 6 countries.