Home - News - International students of Lobachevsky University win prizes of the 6th online festival "Love for Cinema, Love for Russia"

25 January 2017

Students of the UNN Faculty for International Students have presented their own remakes of famous Soviet movies. The reels were filmed to participate in the sixth online friendship festival "Love for Cinema, Love for Russia". It is an annual festival conducted by the Moscow State University. Earlier, Lobachevsky University students also took part in the previous editions of this festival, and some of them even won festival prizes.  This year, participants were first offered to film their own versions of well-known scenes from popular Russian movies. The choice was mostly in favor of comedies. For example, Cheng Tao from China presented his version of "The Twelve Chairs" - "The Twelve Nesting Dolls".  

Walid Jailani from Afghanistan also turned his attention to the Soviet cinema classics and presented his video with the song "If I Were a Sultan" from "The Caucasian Captive".

Jiang Yuqin from China presented Lipochka’s monologue from Ostrovsky’s play "It's a Family Affair-We'll Settle It Ourselves".

All these three works are among the winners of the festival. The students will soon receive diplomas and memorable gifts from the festival organizers.