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17 March 2017


On March 16, the Institute of International Relations and World History (IIRWH) hosted a round table on the topic "Causes of Muslim youth radicalization today and the role of Islam in confronting extremism". Participating in the round table were Fyodor Dorofeev, Associate Professor at the UNN Department of the History of Medieval Civilizations; Konstantin Akulov, First Deputy President of the Abu Hanifa Charitable Foundation, Head of the Information and Analytical Department of the Local Religious Organization of Muslims in Nizhni Novgorod; Irshat Umyarov, Imam-Khatib of the Central Nizhni Novgorod Cathedral Mosque, who also heads the Ihsan Sunday school and teaches there. The event was organized for IIRWH students by the Center for Historical and Cultural Anthropology, the Center for Expertise and Comprehensive Analysis and the Abu Hanifa Charitable Foundation.