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The International Office of Lobachevsky University informs UNN students about the possibility of studying the Icelandic language as a second foreign language. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Republic of Iceland provides scholarships for studying Icelandic as a second foreign language at the Arnie Magnusson Institute.
You can find the information about the program (in English) and an application form at http://www.arnastofnun.is/page/studentastyrkir_menntamalaraduneytis_en
A letter of proposal from the Arnie Magnusson Institute can be found on the website: http://im.interphysica.su/. Your application and a package of documents should be submitted to the Arnie Magnusson Institute by December 1, 2017 at the address: : ?rni Magn?sson Institute for Icelandic Studies, Sigur?ur Nordal Office, Box 1220, 121 Reykjav?k, Iceland.
If you need some help in preparing the documents, please contact the International Office (building 2, room 417) and call 462-35-82.