Home - News - United States District Judge Stephen Friot visits Lobachevsky University

11 April 2017

On April 7, Stephen P. Friot, United States District Judge for the Western District of Oklahoma, visited the UNN Faculty of Law and met with the Dean of the Faculty Dr.Victor Tsyganov.  In the course of the seminar for faculty members, Judge Stephen Friot made a presentation on the judicial system of the United States. He covered such issues as the application of case law, the specifics of criminal and civil proceedings in the United States and the legislative regulation of presidential elections in the USA. In the discussion that followed, many questions of professional importance were raised by the participants, including freedom of discretion for judges in the United States, termination of criminal prosecution in pre-trial proceedings, professional ethics for prosecutors and lawyers, mediation, etc. The seminar was attended by 23 teaching staff members representing all the departments of the Faculty of Law.