Home - News - UNN Law Faculty student takes an internship at the City Hall in Meylan (France)

25 July 2017

Within the framework of the agreement between Lobachevsky University and the Grenoble Alps University (France), Nina Nazarova, a student of the UNN Law Faculty, had practical training at the City Hall of Meylan (France) from June 19 to June 30. According to this agreement, Lobachevsky University students have the opportunity to take short-term internships at local government bodies in France. The practical training was organized by the UNN Center for International Education and the Center for European and International Law at the UNN Faculty of Law. Nina Nazarova got acquainted with the work of a number of departments of the Meylan City Hall, including the Department of Urban Development, the Municipal Police Department, the Human Resources Department and the Legal Department. In the course of her practical training, she was introduced to the town planning regulations, the commune’s cadastre,  municipal property insurance, legal monitoring, preparation of lawsuits on behalf of the commune to its citizens. She also had an opportunity to study various computer programs for personnel selection and to attend a meeting of the Architects’ Council and some sessions of the administrative court.