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15 February 2017


The National Accreditation Board of the National Centre for Public Accreditation has accredited Lobachevsky University's educational programs in the area of studies "Economics" (38.03.01, 38.04.01) for a period of 6 years. The University has also  received the EXCELLENT QUALITY distinction award given by the National Centre for Public Accreditation to the best educational programs in Russia. This award confirms the high quality of UNN's educational programs that have been accredited in accordance with the European standards for educational quality assurance ESG-ENQA, with the requirements of professional standards and the labor market. In accordance with the "star" classification system of professional public accreditation procedures,  Lobachevsky University's programs in Economics are rated "4 Stars", indicating their high quality. 

The cluster of programs in Economics is the fifth cluster of UNN's educational programs that have successfully passed the international public accreditation. In the course of the professional public accreditation, the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship conducted self-examination and prepared a report to the expert committee. At the final stage of the accreditation procedure, an expert committee consisting of European and Russian experts visited Lobachevsky University in November 2016 to audit the programs and assess their quality. 

According to UNN Rector Professor Evgeny Chuprunov, the university has already demonstrated positive results in the procedure of professional public accreditation. In 2014, three UNN faculties (the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, the Faculty for International Students and the Faculty of Philology) successfully passed international  accreditation.

In 2015, UNN became the first  Russian university to pass a joint international accreditation of educational programs with the participation of the Center for Assessment of Higher Education  Quality under the Chinese Ministry of Education (HEEC). Certificates of joint professional public accreditation were awarded to degree programs in Chemistry (the Faculty of Chemistry) and International Relations  (the Institute of International Relations and World History).

The main expected results of the professional public accreditation are related to public recognition of educational programs'  quality, increasing the visibility and attractiveness of UNN's programs, increasing the number of applicants and students in Master's programs, including international students.

The register of accredited programs is available here: