Home - News - UNN student is invited for a study period at the London School of Economics

Following the first Russian-British student economic forum, Sergei Zolotov, a first-year student in the Master’s program at the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, received an invitation to study at the London School of Economics. The forum took place on the discussion platform "Economics and Entrepreneurship. Drivers of the Future" in the framework of the World Festival of Youth and Students , which was held from October 14 to October 22 in Sochi. One of the forum’s moderators was Ian Proud, advisor at the Department of Economic, Energy and Trade Policy of the British Embassy in Moscow. All forum participants were divided into teams, the so-called international groups of experts that were supposed to develop a program document in English reflecting their view of the Russian economy’s future with recommendations for solving economic problems in 2030.
Sergei Zolotov was the captain of the team that proposed a set of concrete measures for the successful growth of the Russian economy in five areas of economic development: human capital, energy-saving economy, knowledge economy, innovative economy, development of small and medium-sized businesses. As an outcome of the forum, Sergei Zolotov, among students from other Russian universities who demonstrated a high level of English and who managed to show their leadership, analytical and teamwork skills, as well as effective presentation skills, received an invitation from Ian Proud for a study period in Great Britain in 2018.