Home - News - World's first 3D printer for printing with three metals to be presented by scientists from Russia

27 June 2017

Russian scientists will present in early 2018 the world's first 3D printer for printing with three metals, RIA Novosti was told by the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FAS). "The Laboratory for Additive Technologies and Materials Design - a joint project of the FAS, the Ministry of Education and Science, Lobachevsky University of Nizhni Novgorod and the UNN Physics and Technology Research Institute - will complete the development of the world's first 3D printer that prints with three metal powders by the beginning of the next year",  reads the RIA Novosti report.

Vladimir Chuvildeyev, Head of the Laboratory, Director of the UNN Physics and Technology Research Institute (PTRI), confirmed at the technological development forum “Technoprom-2017” that at the moment such a machine exists and software is being developed that will allow obtaining high-quality products on this machine. "We will be able to produce 3D printers for different tasks, in particular for manufacturing  medical prosthetic devices. At the moment, there are no other machines in the world that can print with several powders. In Germany, the work in this direction began in 2016. We have at least a year’s lead", Chuvildeyev said.

The idea that underlies the new technology of 3D printing of metal products was put forward about five years ago by a group of UNN PTRI researchers. "And then there was a plan to create a multi-powder 3D printer, which will allow us to get the desired composition at each "point" of the product and, consequently, to provide the necessary physical and mechanical properties", comments the Foundation for Advanced Studies.