UNN hosted a series of lectures on European integration 

In the framework of the Jean Monnet Module (Erasmus+) project “The European Union as a Global Human Rights Actor” (Grant Agreement between Lobachevsky University and the European Commission № 2015-2296/001-001, Project Leader Andrey Leonov, Assistant Professor at the Department of European and International Law) Lobachevsky University’s Faculty of Law hosted a series of lectures on topical issues of European integration. 

On April 27, 2016, PAUL KALINICHENKO, Professor of the EU Law Department at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Doctor of Law, Director of the National School of Integration Research, gave an open lecture at UNN. In his lecture “Topical Legal Issues of the EU-Russia relations” Professor Kalinichenko talked about the main stages of the EU-Russia relations, formulated the main issues and trends of these relations, and analyzed the current situation with sanctions and the possibility of them being lifted. Among the attendees of the lecture were students and staff from the Faculty of Law and the Institute of International Relations and World History of Lobachevsky University, as well as professors from several universities of the Volga Federal District.

On May 4, 2016, OLEG KORNEEV, Leading Research Fellow of the Laboratory for Social Anthropological Research at the Tomsk State University, Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Local Activism Research at the Faculty of Law, Political and Social Sciences of the University of Paris-XIII, Candidate of Historical Sciences, gave a lecture for students of the master’s programme “International Law for Business”.

In his lecture “International Dimension of the EU Migration Policy and the EU-Russia Cooperation in the Area of Migration Regulation” Oleg Korneev talked about the main features of the EU migration policy in relation to other countries, analyzed the current situation in connection with the migration crisis, as well as the evolution of the EU-Russia relations in the area of migration regulation, the issues connected with the implementation of the readmission agreement and the history of EU-Russia visa waiver negotiations.