UNN students took part in an international forum

On April 24-28, 2016, Sochi hosted an international youth forum “Hello, Sochi!”. A delegation of 10 students from the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship (IEE) led by Yuliya Shiryaeva, Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Public Administration, and Elena Propadeeva, Senior Instructor of the Department of Culture and Psychology of Entrepreneurship, participated in the forum.

The forum was organized by the Russian nonprofit organization «Young Intellectuals of Russia» with support from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

The main goal of the forum was to bring together cultural and creative resources on the international and intercontinental level, to support and develop diversity and national identities of the participants.

The forum served as a platform for young people from Russia and other countries to connect and understand the role of youth in peacekeeping and developing friendship and cooperation between different peoples.

The attendees had an opportunity to participate in round tables and discuss a range of topics: politics, science and education, culture and art, etc. Alexei Makarovsky, an IEE student, made a report about the work of the IEE student council at the Healthy Planet round table and was awarded a second place certificate. Another IEE student Mikhail Zhulin talked about his volunteer experience and his work as a youth leader at the Social Practices round table. He was awarded a third place certificate. Lobachevsky University’s team was awarded the forum’s prize and a certificate of honor from the organizing committee in the nomination “The Most Active Team”.