Lobachevsky University (UNN) has been heralded as one of the best 20 universities in the world in the U-Multirank student satisfaction survey involving students in mathematics, chemistry and biology. Lobachevsky University has good scores (A or B) in all three disciplines.

The 2016 release of U-Multirank says that: “This listing presents a set of universities of which the students in the sciences are most satisfied with their overall learning experience. These assessments are derived from the U-Multirank student satisfaction survey and therefore are the views of students regarding the programmes they are enrolled in.”

The survey is part of the U-Multirank global rankings of higher education institutions. This multidimensional ranking was developed by an independent consortium led by German and Dutch centres for higher education and supported by the European Commission. This year’s edition presents information on 1,304 universities from 93 countries, making it possible to compare universities across a range of criteria, which are of direct interest to applicants and students. The rankings grade universities from “A” (very good) to “E” (weak).

UNN Rector, Prof. Evgeny Chuprunov said that students feel as comfortable as possible – the University's high ranking for student satisfaction is a testament to that.

He said: “UNN has always paid special attention to the organization and the quality of the educational process, ensuring that the relationship between students and academics is always democratic, friendly and constructive, and that the educational process encompasses the latest educational technology and methods, applied and practical learning and strong links with leading employers - government agencies, research institutions, industry and business."

Find out more on U-Multirank website at www.umultirank.org