Prof. Francisco Jose Diaz Bretones from the University of Granada, Spain, is visiting the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship at Lobachevsky University today (Tuesday, March 29, 2016) to give a seminar on “Building an Entrepreneurship Model into the Organizations: basic concept, objectives and approaches”. This is one of three seminars for students, Ph.D. students and professors. On Wednesday, March 30, Prof. Francisco Bretones is visiting UNN Main Building to give a seminar on “How to Write a Good Paper: Literature Review, Results, Submitting and Publication” (further details can be found on UNN Events’ webpage). On Thursday, March 31, he is visiting the Faculty of Social Sciences to give a talk on “Emerging Psychosocial Risks in SME?s” (further details can be found here).

Francisco Jose Diaz Bretones is Professor at the Department of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Work Sciences at the University of Granada, Spain. He is a Visiting Professor at several universities including: the University of Western Ontario, Princeton University and Burgundy School of Business.

Prof. Francisco Bretones is a renowned specialist in human capital management and organizational behavior and heads a number of international research projects.