At a press conference on May 16, Lobachevsky University and the Agency for Research and Information "Lobachevsky" presented the results of a new sociological survey "Nizhni Novgorod and Nizhni Novgorod Cultural Heritage Objects as Assessed by Students".  Also, within the framework of the press conference, a presentation of the new structural unit of UNN, the Agency for Research and Information "Lobachevsky" (ARI "Lobachevsky") was held. Professor Mikhail Rykhtik, Director of the UNN Institute of International Relations and World History (IIRWH), Assocate Professor Evgeny Semenov, Director of the ARI "Lobachevsky", and Associate Professors of the UNN Faculty of Social Sciences  Irina Petrova and Dmitry Zernov who acted as research supervisors  presented the results of the study. The problem of finding the identity for Nizhni Novgorod is one of the much-discussed issues.To provide this important discussion with an actual basis that reflects the real attitude of the Nizhni Novgorod population to their city, UNN researchers have started a series of studies on the general topic "Nizhni Novgorod as assessed by Nizhni Novgorod citizens". The first part of this project was the study of the students’ attitude to their city. There is an obvious reason why young Nizhni Novgorod citizens are a key focus group for this research. In about 15 to 20 years, they will be in charge of making managerial decisions, which will largely depend on their current interests and needs.