On April 27,  the Russian Venture Forum took place in Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan) bringing together 50 technology companies. All of them are applicants for participation in the acceleration program, which is carried out by the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Pulsar Venture Capital and other partners with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan. 444 innovative companies from all over Russia and 11 other countries of the world, including the USA, Ireland, Finland, submitted applications for participation in the forum and in the acceleration program.

The most popular areas presented at the forum included IT, hardware (gadgets and devices), new materials, oil and gas, future medicine, biotechnology. During the exhibition, there was a great interest  in the startup company of Lobachevsky University with its concept of "smart clothing" that tracks muscle activity in the human body, the EOS Cybertrainer. The EOS (Electromyographic Optical System) is designed to monitor, visualize and correct the activity of a person's muscles. The system consists of a suit with embedded myo-sensors. During exercise, the sensor system captures information about the load of particular muscles and projects the image onto augmented reality glasses. A tactile stimulation system for individual muscles can correct the movements in accordance with the pre-recorded standard. Even when athletes train under the guidance of a personal trainer, they don’t get an objective picture of their muscles’ work. When using the "Cybertrainer" suit, the athlete spends less time to achieve the goal, and the likelihood of eventual injury is significantly reduced. Besides, the "Cybertariner" system can monitor the processes of recovery of injured muscles and prevent any new injuries. 

The software helps to adjust the maximum permissible level of strain for each muscle. When this level is reached, a system of vibration sensors gives a signal to the user about excessive load.

Application areas for the "Cybertrainer" system include professional sports and sports medicine,  rehabilitation medicine, various studies where the collection and analysis of myographic information is required, etc.