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Camila Velasquez Guzman, Bolivia

Camila Velasquez Guzman, Bolivia

My experience in the Institute of International Relations and World History at Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod as a foreign student has been very interesting and fulfilling.

I really like the Preparatory Course programme because it gave me necessary knowledge of the Russian language for starting my studies at the university. I would recommend the programme to all Russian language learners because it's effective. The teachers are great. They are always helpful and really want us to learn and love the language. But you have to work hard and do your best if you want results!

Through learning the Russian language I got a better understanding of the Russian culture and soul. Moreover, I get a chance to learn more about the Russian system and perspective on many modern issues. For a profession like mine, I think it's something more than necessary. After graduation, I would like to work with a private organisation as a translator.