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Koray Ozbek, Turkey

My name is Koray Ozbek, I am a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology of Lobachevsky University, I study PR (advertising and public relations). I like the curriculum at our university. I began my studies at the Preparatory Faculty with highly qualified teachers of the Russian language; the learning process was intense and continuous. I then continued my studies at the Faculty of Philology, where teachers and teaching are also of high quality. Of course, in the beginning, learning Russian at the Preparatory Faculty was difficult, but I have diligently studied and still keep studying Russian language. I think that the study of the Russian language continues throughout life. My undergraduate studies were not so difficult. I recommend that all future students to study at our University, because the quality of education here opens up great opportunities for future career. After graduation, I plan to work in an advertising company or international company.