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Yu Xueqi, China

During the summer of 2014, 11 students of Sichuan University took part in summer school of UNN. We spent unforgettable days in such a beautiful and historic city. During our classes and excursions, we not only studied the Russian language and Russian people, but also had a chance to personally see and experienced Russia. We believe that we are very happy!

From Monday to Wednesday, we had three 90-minute classes in Russian language and culture studies. You have very good and beautiful teachers. We read texts on different topics and actively debated about them. In my group, there were students from other countries and they were speaking perfect Russian. Conversational Club helped me meet foreign students of UNN and, although they were studying Russian for only 9 months, they were able to speak much better Russian than I could. Back in China, we have a very little practice, so if we have the chance to go to Russia again, we will gladly take that opportunity.

The University organized a variety of activities for us, and we sincerely thank you for it. Trips to the Kremlin Museum, "Schelkovsky Khutor", Gorodets, Suzdal, and river cruise on the Volga River have been impressive. Russia is really a beautiful country; the scenery here is fabulous, like a picture.

We were satisfied with conditions in the dormitory, and life in your campus was pretty good too. There are many shops and supermarkets around, which is very convenient. Thank you again for your help and attention! I wish you happiness, health, and success at work and in life!