Biophotonics and nanobiotechnologies (Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Radiophysics, Research and Education Centre "Physics of Solid-State Nanostructures")

Nanobiotechnology and molecular genetics (Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Regional Ecology, Faculty of Biology)

Bioecology (Faculty of Biology, Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Regional Ecology)

Besides, at the Faculty of Biology and at the Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Regional Ecology research work is underway in the following areas:

Investigation of membrane transport and electrogenesis in higher plants, investigation of biochemical principles of plant adaptation, theoretical analysis of photosynthesis processes and distribution of action potential in higher plants;

Leading experts:

  • Vladimir Anatolyevich Vodeneev, Candidate of Sciences (Biology), Head of Biophysics Department;
  • Alexander Pavlovich Veselov, Head of Department of Biochemistry and Plant Physiology, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor.

Investigation of effects of small doses of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation on biological objects, and radiation-protective action of zootoxines;

Leading experts:

  • Alexander Pavlovich Veselov, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
  • Vasily Nikolaevich Krylov, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
  • Alexander Sergeevich, Koryagin, Doctor of Sciences (Biology).

Investigation of natural biologically active substances and adaptation mechanisms in animals and humans;

Leading experts:

  • Vasily Nikolaevich Krylov, Head of Department of H uman and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
  • Alexander Evgenyevich Khomutov, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
  • Alexander Sergeevich Koryagin, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor;
  • Olga Semenovna Gladysheva, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor.

Main research equipment:

  • Radioisotope laboratory having a license for working with open sources of ionizing radiation;
  • electrophysiological installations for intracellular and extracellular recording of electrical activity;
  • UTsPZ-47 ultracentrifuge;
  • Shimadzu RF-5301 PC spectrofluorimeter;
  • SF-2000 spectrophotometer;
  • Shimadzu liquid chromatograph;
  • Shimadzu spectrophotometer;
  • electroencephalograph;
  • Thorlabs optical coherence microscope.


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