Company name

NeoDyn LLC



Project name

The New Class of Real Games

Project leader

Sergei Ershov


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: +7 (8312) 4345900

Company/project background

Set up in 2010. Participated in the Bortnik Fund’s START program.



Description of technology/product

The new class of gaming strategies for sports and leisure has been developed in this set of real games. At the physical core of the new class of games is the dynamics of a material particle and a homogeneous ball that hit surfaces corrugated in one or more directions rather than flat horizontal surfaces. The products of the project are real games for active leisure.



Added value

A helper in organizing interesting and active leisure for family and friends.

Current status of technology/project

-        Design documentation for the Wave Track and CapBall games developed;

-        A trial run of both games produced;

-        Scenarios for a range of real games developed, including Stochastic Table Tennis;

-        A physical model and software to create computer games developed.

Key advantages


A new class of gaming strategies for sports and leisure:

-        Thepossibility to dramatically alter well-known popular games;

-        The opportunity for people of any age, including physically impaired gamers, to play simultaneously with equal chances for a win.

Manufacturers of games and sports goods:

Wild Sports LLC (games: Tailgate Toss, Washer Toss, Tailgate Toss Cornhole); Tailgate Sports Games LLC (games: Bocce, Horseshoe); AJJ Cornhole Inc. (game Cornhole Sets); BAGGO (game Bag Toss); Triumph Sports USA (game Darts); Carrom Company (game Air Hockey); Kramer Kreations (game Murbles).

Potential markets

Scientific publications and patents

-        sports organizations and clubs;

-        educational institutions;

-        individuals;

-        entertainment centers;

-        entertainment areas at shopping malls.

-        Three Russian and one U.S. patents obtained;

-        9 patent applications filed with the national patent bureaus of the EU, Canada, the U.S., Brazil, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.