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Main research areas:
Electronic components. Neuromorphic systems. Physics and technology of neuromorphic systems.

Research objectives:
Comprehensive study of the influence of external pulse signal parameters on the characteristics of synaptic plasticity of memristors based on advanced dielectrics (zirconium, hafnium, tantalum, silicon oxides, etc., including their combinations) and metals to create efficient neuromorphic devices with high stability and low power consumption.

Key results:
1. Approval of the Terms of Reference for the project.
2. Formation of the project research team.
3. Development and approval of the research timetable.

4. The dependences of synaptic plasticity characteristics on the training pulse parameters for memristive microdevices and nanoscale "virtual" memristors formed by probe microscopy have been obtained. The demonstrated characteristics of memristors as artificial synapses enable the creation of efficient neuromorphic devices with low power consumption.
5. The developed memristive nanostructures are integrated into the upper metallization layers of a 0.35 µm CMOS  SOI device layer manufactured at the Sedakov Research Institute for Measuring Systems.