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Main research areas: Molecular biology, genetics, age-related diseases

Research objectives:

Investigation of mechanisms of age-related diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases) using molecular genetic techniques. Molecular genetic analysis of patients' tumours. Investigation of cellular ageing.

Key results:

Molecular genetic and clinical predictors of early vascular ageing were identified in young and middle-aged patients with coronary heart disease without a prior coronary history. The search for predictors was performed on the basis of the analysis of genetic variants (polymorphisms) of predisposition to coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction as well as the determination of the relative mRNA expression level of genes that play a potential role in chronic inflammation. Based on the identified criteria, individuals with potentially high risk of early vascular ageing who require early primary prevention can be identified. Experimental models of cellular ageing have been developed and data on the expression of known ageing markers have been obtained.