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Main research areas:

Organisation and implementation of activities in the field of data analysis using big data technologies and machine learning for scientific, commercial and social projects, as well as preparation of materials for managerial decision-making in the university.
The main area of focus for 2021-2023 is a comprehensive analysis of Russian university students' and applicants' creativity.

Research objectives:

To develop digital methods for analysing creativity in social sciences (based on big data analysis using traditional psychological, sociological research methods and modern cyberpsychological approaches).

Key results:

1. A comprehensive programme of research into patterns of creativity development based on big data analysis, psychological, cross-cultural and linguistic approaches.
2. Platform solution "Freud"  for collecting information on creative students and their digital footprints.
3. A sociological study of the impact of students' creativity on their satisfaction with the quality of education at the university.
4. A recruiting system for targeting talented applicants in Physics at Lobachevsky University through intelligent analysis of user data in social networks.
5. Implementation of the Information Design study programme (enrolment in 2022,  Master's programme, Psychology (in Russian), Sociology (in Russian and English).

1. A platform solution for generating comprehensive datasets for creativity research.
2. Creating a system for proposing managerial decisions based on big data analysis. DATA constructor for creative personality.
3. Opening enrolment for study programmes:
- Bachelor's degree with specialisation in Sociology of Digital Society to train analysts having knowledge of IT basics for the socio-humanitarian sphere (with a professional qualification certificate issued).
- Master's programme Organisation and Management of Health Care for training the administrative and managerial staff of medical organisations with a certificate of professional qualification in Quality and Safety Management.