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The programme includes 36 academic hours per week with lectures on basics of data mining, data systems deployment, Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, DevOps Technologies, Scala, Russian language and others. Cultural part includes visits to the most interesting museums and places of our city, language clubs, workshops and other activities.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- develop and design the structure of Android apps

- profile, debug and prepare Android apps for Google Play

- process big data with Hadoop ecosystem

- use CRISP-DM technology for database mining

- use Big Data services

- communicate in Russian verbally or in writing on a few basic topics within elementary level of language



- Mathematical Analysis

- Programming

- Probability Theory

- Object-oriented programming

- Java programing language


- B2 (CEFR) level of English language


Where to stay?

UNN offers international students on-campus accommodation. Students live in the comfortable dormitory (in 2-bedded rooms), which is based in the UNN campus in immediate neighbourhood of the city centre.

Host family accommodation with two meals a day is also available.


Why Lobachevsky University?

Established in 1916, Lobachevsky University has a vast experience in teaching various subjects to Russian and foreign students.

Only highly qualified tutors conduct the classes. Together with your teachers, you will take the first step into basics of database mining, big data work, designing and developing mobile applications on Android platform, and Russian language.

During the course students solve tasks using analytical and computer methods, work with authentic materials (by means of mass media, audio and video materials, Internet resources). Teachers implement methods of active learning, problem lessons and educational excursions.

Data scientist is an on-fire specialty at the job market all over the world.

Big data appears in all areas of our lives where we need information analysis:

banking, retail, telecoms, production, health service, state administration.