Summer School

Summer in Russian



Our Russian Summer School offers you a unique opportunity not only to immerse into student life but also to gain new knowledge, boost your Russian language skills and meet your peers from all over the world. An unforgettable Summer School experience awaits you, including:

  • intensive learning of the Russian language in small groups formed according to the students’ proficiency level;
  • interactive teaching methods: games, discussions, thematic projects;
  • living in one of Russia’s largest cities with a rich history and traditions;
  • an exciting cultural program and a creative environment. 

This Summer School is ideal for everyone who is looking to enjoy international studies experience in a reputable Russian university, learning language, history & traditional culture and visiting the Heartland of European Russia for a short period in summer.

Medium of Instruction

Russian (basic/pre-intermediate/intermediate/advanced depending on students’ proficiency level)

Venue of Instruction

Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), Lobachevsky University 

Entry Pre-requisites

This program does not require any background in Russian language or history, politics & culture of Russia.  

The Summer School participants:

  • Should conform to our Age Policy (18 year olds and above).
  • Should be able to fulfil the basic requirements of the program in terms of application & visa documents, fees, attendance at lessons, accommodation, meals and extracurricular events. Please, contact our International Admission Office for more detailed information.
  • Should have no medical contra-indications to study abroad – if you are unsure whether your health status is suitable for this program, please, contact our International Admission Office, and they will assist you. 

Program Outcomes

In completing the program, this Summer School participants will: 

  • familiarize with Russian language (pronouncing, comprehending, writing and reading in Russian, familiar words and widespread phrases, announcements, notices, posters, personal forms and simple greeting postcards).
  • experience student life and various social activities & workshops.
  • explore the historic city of Nizhny Novgorod and fascinating regional sights.
  • meet like-minded people to study with and share ideas. 

Program Overview

The Summer in Russian School Program includes 20 academic hours per week, and the following lectures (taught in English or Russian):

- Some Facts in Russian history

- Russian Mindset

- Russian Traditions or Russian Holidays

- Russian System of the Government or  Family in Russia

- Business in Russia

- Some Aspects of Russian Orthodox Church

During these classes, you will learn about Russian history and culture and the character and habits of Russian citizens. The course also includes interactive games, discussions, development and discussions of projects created by students.

In the morning - Language lessons

Midday - Break

Afternoon - Language lessons

Late afternoon - Lectures, social activities, excursions or free time

Social Program

We offer a wide range of social activities, including excursions and social gatherings (these activities might vary).

Participants will do a tour of Nizhny Novgorod, travel by cable car, and enjoy a tour around the Christmas Toy Museum. You will also visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture, the History Museum of GAZ car plant and a planetarium. You will take a walk along the River Volga and visit Gorodets Crafts Fair and the Samovar Museum. To offer insight into Russian folk culture, all participants will be offered short master classes on painting Russian dolls (Matrioshkas), making valenki (kind of traditional boots), cooking typical Russian dishes and creating talisman dolls.

Some social activities are free while for others a small fee is charged.

You will have many opportunities to spend your leisure time in the City of Nizhni Novgorod, located in the very heart of the country. You can travel to Vladimir and Suzdal – the oldest and the most magnificent cities of Russia, see the unique Makaryev Monastery, visit Diveyevo – the largest center of religious pilgrimage, and Boldino, where Russian genius poet Alexander Pushkin created some of his masterpieces. Nizhni Novgorod also hosts many summer festivals, fairs, concerts. The nightlife of the city is also pretty varied. 


Within the framework of the Summer School, all participants will get a Summer School Certificate.

ECTS credits

This Summer School gives 4 credits. 

Program website

Program Coordinator

Smirnova Ekaterina

the head of the Center of Educational Programs for International Students


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