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Summer School “Russian Summer”

Who is this for?

The course is suitable for students of all levels of competence in the Russian language, from complete beginners with very little or no previous knowledge of Russian to advanced students.
Programme will be of interest to students who want to learn about Russian culture, society and history.


Course aims

At the Summer School you will not only be able to learn Russian, but also become acquainted with the diverse and fascinating Russian culture! During our classes you will learn a live, modern foreign language and many other new and exciting things.

The classes are conducted by highly-qualified trainers. All of whom are Lobachevsky University graduates and outstanding specialists not only in Philology, but also in Psychology and Culture Studies. Together with your teachers you will set off to a breath-taking journey into the unexplored and beautiful Russia whilst being able to make friends with students from different countries of the world.

Why study Russian Language?

1. A world language
Russian is the fifth mostwidely spoken language on the planet (about 270 million people speak Russian worldwide).

2. A language of culture
A knowledge of Russian offers access to great works of literature as well as songs and theatre in the original.

3. A language for travel
Russia is the biggest country in the world and there’s lots of opportunities for travel!

4. A language for higher education
Russia has one of the most highly educated populations in the world. Speaking Russian opens up study opportunities at renowned Russian universities.

5. Learning other languages
If you speak Russian, it will be easier for you to learn other Slavic languages such as Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian and others.

Where to stay?

Lobachevsky University offers international students on-campus accommodation. Students live in the dormitory (in 2-bedded rooms), which is situated on the UNN campus in immediate neighbourhood of the city centre.

Host family accommodation is available on a half-board or breakfast only basis.