Home - News - Daria Kiryanova: Lobachevsky University holds leading positions in training IT professionals

06 July 2017

In an interview with the RBC information agency, Daria Kiryanova, Operations Director of Intel in Russia and Scandinavia, was asked about the level of training of the company’s new employees.

“Nowadays, IT specialists are required in almost any company. That is why companies struggle for professionals - this is a problem not only in Russia, but all over the world. If we talk about the training of experts that our company requires here in Nizhni Novgorod, the leading position is still occupied by the UNN. Nevertheless, of course, we have to "refine" university graduates in order to adapt them to the needs of our company. On the average, it takes six months”, Kiryanova said.
Speaking about the competencies that the persons applying for a position at Intel should have, she had this to say: “The basic education includes everything that is taught, for example, at the UNN before the third year. This provides the foundation on which everything else will be built. In addition, we believe that it is impossible to work in an international company without the knowledge of English. The level required depends on the team and the employee’s role in it.  However, the technical basis of English for programming (and for explaining what you are doing) is required in any case - I think this level should not be lower than Intermediate. One should also be prepared for interdisciplinary work, which presumes the understanding of  physics, chemistry, mechanics, and electronics.”